The new shit

Northstar is all finished up, we’ll have a review coming soon, just wanted to drop a  little note in here about some other progress.

The next big tourney is at the end of Jan, and my Empire is still mostly basecoated, but I think we’re going to try and get them in playable shape for Waaghpaca.

Rumor has it, there’ s a tourney in Wausau this weekend as well, we’ll have a few boys there for sure, hoping we can get a few others from the surrounding area, looking at you Point Boys. 2250, no paint score or sportsmanship, just win baby, needless to say, I wont’ be winning 😛 The details should be up at but it looks as if their online calendar only goes up to Sept…

We’ve been hard at work on the computer side of things,  and with any luck will have some pretty sweet resources for the wargaming community coming up within the next few months as well.


Heading out to Northstar

Oh this poor neglected blog…

Warhammer season is here again for us Wausau boys. After missing all of the summer tournaments, we’re getting ready to head out to the Northstar GT in a couple hours. Should be a great time, our first time at this event, and we’ll finally be playing against our friends from PointHammered. Really looking forward to getting these games in, it’s been super busy around here lately so there haven’t been many games getting played at all. Getting back to painting the past couple weeks, and getting the army prepped has been awesome as well.

Out of our group I’ll be bringing HighElves, Travis will have a super beardy Dwarf Anvil list, Steve is bringing a new and improved Warriors of Chaos list that he’s been dutifully painting the last 2 months, and our newest member Andy has a similar Skaven list to his last years Waaghpaca list.

Since I really don’t think anyone I’ll be playing against will be reading this, I figured I’d post my 2200 High Elf list.

Mage Lord – LVL 4, Talisman of Protection, Silver Wand, Lore of Life — 315 points

Noble – BSB, Dragon Armor, Great Weapon, Banner of Sorcery — 174 points

Mage – LVL 2, Dragonbane Gem, Amulet of Light, Dispell Scroll – 175 points

40 Spearelves – Full Command, Flame Banner — 395 points

15 Archers – 165 points

5 Dragon Princes – Champ – 170 points

Lion Chariot – 140 points

Ellyrion Reavers – Bows – 105 points

White Lions – Full Command – 300 points

Swordmasters – Full Command, Iron Curse Icon – 260 points

Total: 2199 points

Certainly not the ‘hardest’ list I’ve created, but it’s been pretty flexible and playable. Looking to have a few good games this weekend, and wanted to make sure I brought a list that was fun enough to play against. I’ll really be depending on my Magic phase to buff up my units and make sure they can actually get to combat. This strategy hasn’t worked out too well in the past as I can’t depend on casting, but here’s hoping things will run smoothly this time around.

So until next year….

Our Stupid Thoughts on Things

Resurrection, like a long dead corpse rising again from the grave, life has slowed once again, time to focus  on warhammer.

Tournament season is just around the corner, the boys are prepping for Northstar, and we’ll hopefully have another good drunken time at Waaghpaca this year.

Until more details can be arranged… sleep tight.

Building an Empire

The troops are starting to come together. After trying out the black/red/yellowish/white color scheme on a mortar team (pictures coming soon) I’ve gotten started on the Swordsmen for my Nuln Empire army.

I wanted to stick with primarily black, with red white yellow leather as the accents. But also, they needed to look like they’ve been in many battles already. The first few models I didn’t do any modifications to them, but more and more I’ll be changing up the bases and the models a bit to add more ‘damage’ to the models.

Anyhow, I hope you like the start of these guys. I’m putting much more effort in than with my Elves. I want this army to have a specific look and feel to them, vs the elves being rather generic.

Most of these little guys really got their painting start when I was the guest blabberer on The Point Hammered paint night.

Please feel free to leave any CC 🙂

High Elves – 8th Edition Impressions

===== doing some draft cleaning, reposting some articles that were typed but not finished… =======

So 8th edition has been out for a bit now, I’ve had a chance to get in a few games with my High Elves so far. I’m really liking the new rules a lot, and the way I play my elves, the new rules have only been good for me.

There really is nothing like taking a unit of about 18 swordmasters into pretty much anything in the game and winning. In fact, it may even be ‘slightly’ over powered 😉

The Elves certainly benefited from the new rules, especially with ASF high Initative and Greatweapons. So much damage can come out of those units it’s insane. At the same time though, they are glass cannons. I struggle to keep those 300+ point units around long enough to make an impact. A fun, and sometimes frusterating challenge.

My only real complaint is in the core department. I would have loved to see Silverhelms keep in core. Now needing 25% of your points in core, and knowing that the archers very very rarely pay of themselves in this addition, it’s always 2 blocks or one giant block of spearelves. That part gets old. Unless you can somehow get Okham’s Mindrazor off, then, then …. oh then it’s so much fun to watch them gib anything they’re facinging. 20 attacks re-rolling to hit, wounding on 2’s with no armour save, that’s a thing of beauty.

Hail to the Great Horned Rat!

Hey!  I’m the new guy, and this is my intro into the world of Warhammer.  I’ve been having a great time in my first couple of months in the game.  I kind of just dove right in when Travis introduced me first to the game.  I played one intro game with his Ogres, and then decided I wanted in.  He then told me they were coming out with a new boxed set, Rob wanted the High Elves, and said, I could split it with him and run the Skaven.  I thought it sounded like it’d be fun to run hoards of rats…

Then I find out how it really is HOARDS of rats, and that WAAAAGH PACA is on the way, so I frantically get the units I need, and paint like a madman, just in time for the tourney.  It was great, and am glad I decided to swear my allegiance to the Great Horned Rat.  They are such a fun army, and with all the different choices, they can be different every time I play them…except of course the Abomination, whom Rob loves so much.

I look forward to the many games I get to play in future, and will try to post some updates throughout here.  Don’t look to me for advice on how to run Skaven yet…I’m still waiting for the more of the Great Horned Rat’s blessing, but soon I will be regularly destroying Dwarves as that is what my rats are born to do.  Thanks to the guys for the intro, and as is the way of my rats, you better watch your back…

The Gromill Expedition – Nuln Themed Empire Army

Planning out my Empire army before purchasing any models I knew a bit about what I wanted. I had just finished reading Iron Company and was inspired by the Nuln/blackpowder/gunline theme. I’ve been reading a few Goetrek and Felix books as well, and their time in Nuln always stood out to me. The cult of the new science, the science of black powder, explosions and fire. So I knew, going into Empire I wanted a Nuln theme. But not the plain jane, line em up and shoot em down kind of army, no that wouldn’t do it for me. With the Empire, it seems to me that they’re a confused people, a people without much foresight and planning. With that thought, building an army that’s been away from home much too long was the thought. The original units are but a fraction of their former glory, and need to resort to hiring mercenaries with the promise of sharing in the riches of their quest. Units of handgunners forced to become basic milita since they’re out of gunpowder, that sort of thing.

I still wanted a warmachine heavy army though, and of course a steam tank, but hopefully not a normal looking one, hoping to create one that looks a bit more ramshackle instead. However I did choose to exclude the more crazy warmachines, like the hellblaster rocket battery, and just one normal hellblaster.

The 2k army looks like:

(general) – Lord Kurt Hauer, who was but a captain in the army before an ill fated battle with an Orc raiding party took out Duke Finnley, the original leader of the expedition. Lord Hauer is now on foot, loosing his warhorse several weeks prior. He does still have his Armour of Meteroic Iron, White Cloak and Sword of Justice though.

Erik Shankles, the last surviving metal working mage (lvl 2) has exhausted almost all his magical prowess and is but holding on to one remaining dispell scroll

Captain Frederic Makey is still carrying the armies battle standard, proudly defending it even after loosing his heirloom sword. He’s currently swinging a scavenged halberd while being protected by some standard heavy armor

The remaining flagellents are amazingly still following Warrior Priest Max Sholar, whose faith must be incredibly strong, since everyone thought they would all have been lost in the first battle.

The big guns are being supervised by Master Engineer Collin Boeser, who’s only lost 4 of the big guns so far on this expedition, 2 during travel, one being overrun by orcs during a battle, and only one exploding on the field of battle, a great record for any Master Engineer.

The core of the fighting base is the remains of The Butchers of Gundar, swordsmen extrodinar. Their numbers, now down to 30 started out at 75, but each man is still stalwart as can be, and they even picked up a mercenary Ogre to help with the hard battles.

Sid’s Daggers, currently just a random assortment of Free Company has gone through 4 unit leaders, and have been forced to pick up every straggler and mercenary they can find and handgunners that aren’t shooting as well, being demoted to save black powder for the better shots. Now it looks more like a ragtag mob of 25 than a fighting force in Empire’s command.

The remaining Flagellants call themselves the Sixth Chant and they’re dwindling numbers are still hanging in there around 18.

The remaining handgunners ‘Black Thunder’ used to be 3 units of 20 but have had to assimilate into one unit due to casualties and the few remaining resources.

The last remaining warhorses are being utilized as scouts, with 5 Outriders helping to keep the army safe.

Master Engineer Colin has 2 great cannons, ‘Rosette’ and ‘Gallia’ remaining as well as a Mortar, Queen Cooper. His men have managed to keep their Helblaster Volley Gun running ‘Arianna the Eccentric’ and of course the Army’s Steam Tank ‘Sigmar’s Fist’ has been cobbled together many times under his careful leadership.

Well, that’s my thoughts on this 2k army, I’m hoping to build the fluff more yet, and of course there will be pictures coming along as more things get painted.