The new shit

Northstar is all finished up, we’ll have a review coming soon, just wanted to drop a  little note in here about some other progress.

The next big tourney is at the end of Jan, and my Empire is still mostly basecoated, but I think we’re going to try and get them in playable shape for Waaghpaca.

Rumor has it, there’ s a tourney in Wausau this weekend as well, we’ll have a few boys there for sure, hoping we can get a few others from the surrounding area, looking at you Point Boys. 2250, no paint score or sportsmanship, just win baby, needless to say, I wont’ be winning 😛 The details should be up at but it looks as if their online calendar only goes up to Sept…

We’ve been hard at work on the computer side of things,  and with any luck will have some pretty sweet resources for the wargaming community coming up within the next few months as well.




    Some info on Sunday’s event was posted here

  2. Thanks Mike has a bit more info,

    2250 Point Warhammer Fantasy Tournament.
    $10.00 entry fee.
    Extra prizes will be added to the prize pool!
    Doors open at 10:30, first round starts at 11:00.

    The Snake Eyes crew should be showing, at least a few of us.

    Good to know about your site, I didn’t know that existed, I’ve got links to it from here now as well.

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